This discussion covers  identifying when a conversion from a 2 bolt main to a 4 bolt has been performed.There is some controversy surrounding the question of whether or not Chevy 2 bolt main and 4 bolt main blocks were cast separately. Some folks believe that these two types of blocks were cast differently even though they have the same casting numbers. The truth is that they all began life as  no bolt mains. They were then drilled for either 2 or 4 bolt main caps. If they were drilled as a 4 bolt then they also received an extra orifice for an external oil cooler. Telling the difference between the two while assembled and installed in the vehicle is not a difficult thing to do. As big blocks with certain casting numbers and date codes become harder to find however a new trend is becoming popular counterfeiting 4 bolts from 2 bolt blocks. Watch the video and learn what to look for.
Check back here from time to time. New videos are coming shortly. They will cover many different  interesting Big Block Chevy topics.  Including : Counter Exchange (CE) Blocks why they may be a better choice than a restamped block to increase value from an appraisers point of view.  All about Broach Marks, Date Codes, Casting Numbers, Build Sheets, 

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