Specializing in verifying the  authenticity of drive train components, and the sale of authentic numbers matching engine components for Chevrolet  engines, especially the 396, 427, and 454 CID big blocks.

My focus is on  differentiating between the correct original equipment and replacement parts based on knowledge of the correct casting numbers. We do not sell reproduction parts or components.

When any automobile is restored correctly it meets the original factory specifications. That is to say that all of the drive train parts have the correct casting numbers and date codes that would have come on that particular year and model automobile. Build sheets and protecto plates are vital to determining the authenticity of any high performance vehicle, including but not limited to, COPO (Central Office Production Order) vehicles.

Big Block Bruce .com
We currently have for sale the following engines. Inventory changes frequently call today.Contact us if you are interested in
more information or if you are searching
for something you don't see here. we have lots of hard to find Chevrolet drive train components.

1965  396 cid 325 HP
1965  396 cid 425 HP
1966  396 cid 360 HP
1966  396 cid 375 HP
1966  427 cid 425 HP
1967  396 cid  350 HP
1967  396 cid  375 HP
1967  427 cid  435 HP
1968  396 cid 325 HP
1968  396 cid 375 HP
1968  427 cid 435 HP
1969  396 cid 375 HP
1969  427 cid 335 HP
1969  427 cid 435 HP
1970  454 cid 450 HP

Currently Our office hours are Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm Eastern. However Mondays we are sometimes away from the office.  We check our e~mails as frequently as we can and reply to all contacts.

PO Box 27
Paris Ohio 44669


Big Block Chevy Specialist
I first became fascinated by this process in 1976 when I restored my first car , a 1965 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport. I was soon hooked and began studying and collecting drive train components nearly 27 years ago, especially Chevy products. Focusing on Chevelle , Camaro,  Corvette ,Nova , Chevy II , Impala , and anything Super Sport. I have made it my life�s work ever since. In 1995 it was my honor to be personaly acknowledged by Alan Colvin, in his book "Chevrolet By The Numbers". Mr. Colvin�s work has become the bible of Chevrolet collectors the world over.
Be sure to check out the Big Block Chevy 396 427 and 454 engine components for sale.  We have Blocks for sale as well as heads and intakes some carbs , exhaust manifolds . We're always buying so our inventory changes weekly.. Don't see what you're looking for give me a call! 330-862-3031 Tuesday thru Friday 9am to 5pm.
Watch the introductory video. Bruce discusses the all new www.bigblockbruce.com, what we plan to bring to these pages in the coming weeks, much of which will be in video form. Just double click the gray screen above. Need QuickTime Player?  Its a free download click here.
Remember when the world didn�t move quite so fast?  When making or receiving a phone call meant you were probably at home. Remember when the Beatles were considered progressive rock? Remember waxing your car all day on Saturday just so you could go cruising Main Street that evening?

ntroducing Hi-Perf Search.com yeah we know it�s a giant step backward in technology but its still better than a yard sale. Come to think of it, it just might be better than an online auction too. Lets face it, you aren�t always happy with the results you get when you put parts up for auction over at that world famous auction site.

I have been buying and selling parts for three decades and on the Internet for almost as long as it has existed. Most of that Internet time has been on a world famous auction site. In the beginning it was a great place to do business, not so much anymore. There is very little interaction between individuals who buy and sell on that site because the owners of the site need to control that sort of behavior in order to assure they continue to make huge profits.

There is an excessive amount of flea market junk being sold there. Key chains, die cast model cars, air fresheners etc. If you put a set of heads up for sale there is a time limit automatically imposed, that if your cylinder heads don�t sell within, you must pay to re-list them. If you put them up for sale at a time when nobody needs them very much, then you must take less for them or pay to put them back up again.

There are insertion fees, photo fees, bold title fees, color background fees, gallery fees, golly they sure have a lot of fees for a lousy seven to ten day auction where I�m not supposed to ever actually talk to anybody. I started selling on my own website in 2005 but that isn�t a realistic solution for most people as they don�t have the amount of inventory that an actual business has. The solution is a classified ad section on a website that is already receiving traffic from visitors searching for information and parts for classic muscle cars. That is what HIPERFSEARCH is all about.
sign that says INTRODUCING
This months video feature is a discussion about what to look for when purchasing a 4 bolt block in order to make sure it really is a factory 4 bolt block and not a conversion. What, you mean you didn't know that there are counterfeit Chevrolet 4 bolt blocks being sold to unsuspecting hobbyists? Yes its true, there are, and it is happening much more than you would imagine. Whether we like it or not it is a trend that is here to stay and it is going to become more and more prevalent as original 4 bolts become harder to find especially with certain date codes.
Introducing new additions to this web site. Beginning with the videos on Big Block Bruce.com, topics interesting to the collector car hobbyist. Exploded view charts from parts counter books covering the years 1964 through 1971.
Also we would like to announce HiPerf Search.com which is classified advertising owned by Big Block Bruce. We hope our regular visitors to this site take advantage of it and register there today.
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